Smart Markets
for a Smarter World


By offering comprehensive risk management tools focused on sustainable, socially conscious products, the Global Smart Commodity Group’s aim is to spearhead the evolution of commodities trading in an Exchange environment by leveraging emerging technologies to provide best-in-class transparency and price discovery mechanisms at every stage of the supply chain.

About the

The Global Smart Commodity Group was conceptualized as an Exchange operator for the commodities of the 21st century utilizing best-in-class emerging technologies and a team with deep experience from operating and trading at the world’s leading Exchanges. GSCG will offer a first-of-its-kind trading experience that combines secure supply chain management technology with a commodity trading and risk management designed price discovery platform. This unique platform utilizes blockchain technology to enable digital assets for settlement and smart commodity contracts for supply chain management. This new technology will essentially replace traditional clearing firm requirements and will provide a single source of truth to immutably verify the authenticity and quality of the product offered.